Miriam and Tommy’s wedding in Tramore, Co. Waterford

A wonderful opportunity to see another beautiful part of the country was Miriam and Tommy’s wedding in Tramore, Co. Waterford. As usual we started at Miriam’s parents’ house where the girls got ready. Absolutely loved the wedding dress which was made of soft lace and looked just beautifully romantic…wedding photography waterford
Miriam getting ready at her parents’ house for her exciting day!

From home we went straight to Holy Cross Church in Tramore, Co. Wexford, where I met with the groom and grooms men who wore fresh blue suits and skyblue ties! Looked fantastic!! I loved the architecture of Holy Cross Church as the entrance gave a fantastic backdrop for some nice wedding photography.

Holy cross church tramore wedding photographer aterford
The boys didn’t have to wait long at Holy Cross Church in Tramore. Miriam and dad arrived fashionable little late…

The ceremony was beautiful. The yellow interior gave all wedding photographs inside Tramore Church a beautiful warm hue…

wedding ceremony in waterford Church.
Miriam and Tommy during their wedding ceremony in Holy Cross Church.
 wedding photographer Waterford
After the ceremony at Holy Cross Church in Tramore.

The Doneraile was the location of choice for some romantic wedding photographs. Beautifully situated on the Waterford coast overlooking the Ocean we were surrounded by a stunning landscape as backdrop for out wedding photography in Waterford. I loved the heavy clouds hanging above us and adding a bit character to the images.

Romantic wedding photographs at doneraile in waterford
The beautiful walk along the Doneraile meant a lot to Miriam and Tommy, so we chose it for  photography of their wedding in Tramore.

Running back to their wedding car to get in time to the Feithlegg House Hotel for their wedding reception. A charming wedding venue in Waterford with a lovely staircase in their back garden. We took some last few shots here…

wedding at Feithlegg House Hotel Waterford
Bride and groom at the Feithlegg House Hotel Waterford, where they held their reception.

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