Meghan and Michael’s wedding in Kinnitty Castle

Initially Meghan and Michael had booked the lovely Ashley Park House to be their romantic wedding venue. But since the numbers of guests grew, they decided to celebrate their wedding in Kinnitty Castle, in Co. Offaly.

peacock at ashley park house wedding
Wonderful romantic Ashley Park House wedding morning with peacock.

Having fallen in love with Ashley Park House in Co. Tipperary, Meghan still insisted to get ready in the charming bridal suite of the 18th century country house B&B, which gave us some beautiful backdrops for bridal portraits and preparation shots.

bride getting into her dress at ashley park house
The girls getting ready in the beautiful bridal suite of Ashley Park House.
bride and bridesmaids at ashley park house wedding venue tipperary
Meghan and her best girls ready for the big day!

From Ahsley Park House we went to the slightly hidden church of Ballinahinch. In order to make it easy for people to find the wedding venue after mass, the way to the wedding in Kinnitty Castle was signposted. However, the signs only said: “To Meghan and Michael’s wedding”, which was a bit misleading, as the bridal car from Heritage Wedding Cars Adare ended up driving around in circles, as none of the passengers nor the chauffeur were familiar with the area where the church was. In the result the bride arrived 40min late for the ceremony, a fact, that would have made any groom nervous…

ballinahinch church tipperary wedding
Arrival at Ballinahinch Church with a beautiful cab from Heritage Cars in Adare.
Beautiful wedding  Ballinahinch church in Tipperary.
Beautiful wedding ceremony for Meghan and Michael at Ballinahinch church in co.Tipperary.
ice cream van and happy couple at church
Well deserved!!

If the waiting made some people sweating they could relax after the lovely ceremony and cool down over a cone of ice cream from Rockfield Ice Cream. The last would have also made my day on the way back to the wedding in Kinnitty Castle…

bride and groom at kinnitty castle wedding venue
Bride and groom arriving at Kinnitty Castle.

We were lucky with the weather as it was raining all morning and throughout the ceremony. But at our arrival in Kinnitty the clouds seem to slowly brighten up and even allowed some beautiful evening sunlight to brighten up the beginning of a fantastic party to celebrate Meghan and Michael’s wedding in Kinnitty Castle…

bride and groom in castle gardens of kinnitty castle
Romantic moments in the Castle gardens at Kinnitty Castle.
bridal party photos at Kinnitty castle offaly
The bridal party at Kinnitty Castle, Co. Offaly.
first dance wedding
Meghan and Michael’s first dance and a walk into the sun set…


I love photographing weddings in Kinnitty Castle as there couldn’t be found a more romantic wedding venue in Ireland! Thanks to all the staff for great support!!


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